A farm for a non-farmer

If you asked me 4 months ago if I would be willing to run a farm I would have likely replied: “I don’t know how to drive a tractor… and I don’t think I’m wearing the proper shoes.” Being deeply embedded in the tech ecosystem, the cultivation of food was something I have overlooked until now.

I began Farm Lab One to test the capabilities of indoor farming. There’s a plethora of material online to read about and I found the more I looked into it the less I knew. So, as a way I like to learn and from a motto I heard once from a footwear company goes: “Just do it.” In other words, I wanted to get first hand experience and accurate data on the potential of indoor farming. This is just the beginning of the Farm Lab project and I will be looking to scale up the farm into a container once I master the smaller scale stuff.

You can look at this as a challenge: Can James, someone with practically no cultivation experience, grow lettuce and basil from scratch? Prepare to be both entertained and informed.

I planted Basil, Lettuce, and Arugula seeds and will be waiting for the seedlings to sprout before transplanting. The current location of the indoor farm is in a shared coworking space called Super 7000 in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Metro Group was kind enough to sponsor two of the grow towers that you see on the right. They look quite nice, although they might be a little difficult to replant… I’ll have to see about that during the second harvest.

So here we begin, our small scale indoor farm is beginning to sprout and I will be getting my hands dirty (only metaphorically dirty unfortunately, the farm is actually quite sterile).  I will be updating this website as we progress and if you have anything you would like to share or ask feel free to reach out to me directly: james@schmiede.one

Happy farming!

James B. Lindsay
James B. Lindsay

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